Jennifer Gordon Chamber Member of the Month for May 2023

What an honor!  Thank you Randy for the notice… Here’s a bit about me:

I own QuickShip Mail & Business Center in Lake Dallas.   We have been chamber members for about 5-6 years now and we love supporting our local chamber!  Think of us as your “office when you are away from your office.  We scan / email documents, fax, print and copy documents in addition to shipping and packing your treasures and sending them out with care offering you the best shipping options for your needs.  And when stamps and photocopies get boring, I have fun stuff here too!!  I carry a candle line called BRIDGEWATER CANDLES that makes the store smell wonderful and they are a “give back” program……. Light a Candle Feed a Child!    We carry some last minute pick up gifts for your hostess or something to toss in a gift you are shipping out to a loved one

I didn’t start this business but its been a good fit for our family.  I have a 20 year background in hospitality and tourism and after leaving that industry we purchased this store from the previous owner.  One change I didn’t expect after owning the store for a few years was how much I really enjoyed getting embedded in this community.  In my previous career, I didn’t work in town… all my business and customers  took me out of town, so I never really felt “part” of this community.  Working the front counter here at QuickShip Mail & Business Center, I’ve gotten to know the “neighbors” and I love it.  The customers become family members as well.

Why are we members of the LCC of C?  LOCAL SUPPORT, of course!!   I’m amazed at the local support from members (and friends of members) that come here, sometimes a slight bit out of their way,  merely because we are chamber members!   Whether its something so simple like dropping off a pre paid package (we actually get a little financial kick back from most carriers for accepting pre paid labels) or choosing our location to rent a UHaul (because we get a little commission from that as well!).  We are so appreciative of this community’s support of our little shipping store and it all starts with the Chamber of Commerce support and the members helping to share our story to their friends and family!