Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce Event Galleries

Click on one of the below titles to see links to great photo galleries of our events. If you’re interested in sponsoring one or more of these events, Contact Us today!

Adopt a Teacher is a program that the chamber hosts to give a “welcome” gift to new teachers and staff in the Lake Cities Schools.

Adopt a Teacher 2011

Adopt a Teacher 2018

Adopt a Teacher 2019

Adopt a Teacher 2020

Adopt a Teacher 2021

Adopt a Teacher 2022

Roll into the Fall Bike Rally is a lovely pedal tour of the Lake Cities area.

Bike Rally 2021

Bike Rally 2022

Each week we have a chamber member host our coffee so we can learn more about their business.

Coffees 2016

Coffees 2017

Coffees 2018

Coffee 2019

Coffees 2020

Coffee 2021

Coffee 2022

The Chamber took this Dance over from the City of Corinth and we enjoy seeing so many families celebrate.

Daddy Daughter Dance 2020

Daddy Daughter Dance 2022

Our Monthly luncheon includes a featured speaker, a chamber member host (who gets to present about their business) and lots of fun networking.  1st Responder and Teacher of the Month awards are presented.

Luncheons 2011-2014

Luncheons 2016

Luncheons 2017

Luncheons 2018

Luncheons 2019

Luncheons 2020

Luncheons 2021

Luncheons 2022

The Chamber loves hosting mixers to allow more networking and fun for our members.

Mixers 2011

Mixers 2016

Mixers 2017

Mixers 2018

Mixers 2019-2020

Mixers 2021

Mixers 2022