August 2023 Ambassador of the month

As the August Ambassador of the month, I’ve been asked to introduce myself guided by a few bullet points, so here goes!  I am an Independent Business Owner with ACN, a company founded in 1993 by four entrepreneurs with countless years of direct sales experience between them.

I offer people and businesses the opportunity to reduce their monthly bills on essential services, ones they not only want but need and use every single day such as gas & electric, cell phone service, home security and automation, ID theft protection, healthcare, high-speed internet, television, travel, and payment processing.  Additionally, for those wanting an additional source of income, I teach people to do what I do and afford them the opportunity to be their own customers and get paid on their own essential services!

It gives me the greatest pleasure to be able to help people and businesses in my community save money or even make money if they so desire.  It is my job to share the information, present any savings or income potential, and then leave the decision-making up to the customer.  I found that the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce was the best vehicle to meet people in the community, build relationships, and see where I can be of service (even if it’s outside of the services I myself provide).

One thing you may not know about me is that I see life in pictures, like viewing life through the lens of a camera. I constantly notice moments in time that should be captured, and that’s why you’ll oftentimes see me with camera-in-hand snapping photos.  The chamber has afforded me the distinct pleasure of capturing our community in digital form, including coffees, luncheons, ribbon cuttings, mixers, and events, most often displayed on the Lake Cities Chamber Facebook page and in our weekly newsletters.

I also serve as the secretary on the board of directors of the chamber because, well, I type fast!  My background as a former legal secretary serves me well in that regard, but it also offers me a way to give back.  Becoming a part of your local chamber is the best way to 1) meet your fellow business owners in the community, 2) fill a need where and when you find one, 3) give back, and 4) ask for help from like-minded individuals.

Before joining the chamber, I might have known a handful of people in the Lake Cities area, but since becoming a member, my familiarity with our area businesses and people who have become more than acquaintances has grown exponentially.  As a chamber ambassador, I encourage business owners to join so they, too, can experience the benefit of community as well as form a profitable network. I love putting people together who can help one another, and the more people you know, the easier that is to do.

Last but not least, I feel it important to announce that, in a referral capacity, I partnered with a company that helps business owners receive credit back for operational changes they experienced in their businesses during COVID while still paying their employees.  The program is called ERC and is in addition to PPP.  I viewed this partnership as yet another way I could help my community by introducing our small local businesses to the industry experts who can make this happen.  Time is running out to claim your 2020 refund so be sure to reach out ASAP so we can get you started.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m happy to help and get money back in your pocket!!  It’s what I do!

If you provide a product or service in the Lake Cities area, please check out the chamber.  There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a familiar face as you journey throughout our adjoining neighborhoods.  We’re all here to promote commerce and each other so that we’re all successful and thrive as an awesome place to live and do business!  See you around soon!