Chris Graham LCCC Recognized Member for March 2023

Thank you for the honor, Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce! I am excited to share a bit about myself:

• Company: I am the founder and lead designer at my own design studio, WrapMasters and My Design Firm, where I help businesses elevate their brands with vehicle wraps, logo designs, website designs, and collateral designs.

• Title: Brand Architect and Marketing Expert

• Responsibilities: As the founder, I oversee all aspects of the business, from meeting with clients to design and installation of wraps.

• Something interesting about me: In addition to my design skills, I also have a passion for humor and have been known to use puns and jokes to keep the design process light-hearted and fun.

• Why I joined the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce: As a local business owner, I believe in supporting the community and working together to create a stronger local economy.

• What’s in store for me: I am looking forward to building new relationships within the community and continuing to provide top-notch design services to businesses in the area.My Bio:

From Arts and Crafts to Master Craftsman: The Story of Brand Architect Chris Graham

If you’ve ever driven around town and spotted a vehicle with an eye-catching design, there’s a good chance it was the work of Chris Graham. Chris is a talented Brand Architect and Marketing Expert who has a talent for creating vehicle wraps that turn heads. But that’s not all he does! With his keen eye for design, Chris has helped countless businesses elevate their brand with his logo creations, website designs, and package designs.

Chris’s journey into design started when he was a kid, spending countless hours tinkering with arts and crafts. He knew early on that his passion for design was something he’d want to pursue for life.

Fast forward to today, Chris has become a master of many design crafts. From helping companies create an impressive online presence through his web design to crafting clever brand messaging with his logo design, Chris has become a trusted partner for companies of all shapes and sizes.

His vehicle wrap designs are pure magic! He’s got the power to turn a plain, boring car into a mobile billboard that attracts attention like a magnet. But that’s not all, his package designs are like opening a present on your birthday, only you get to experience that excitement over and over again.

One of Chris’s most successful designs was the activity bus wrap he created for Pilot Point, which used the school colors of orange and black, and featured a custom design bearcat head as the most prominent graphic. The design was not only visually stunning but also helped to build school spirit and pride within the community. The bold design turned the bus into a rolling billboard, making a big impact on the community while transporting students to their various activities. With this design, Chris demonstrated how a well-crafted wrap can turn a simple vehicle into a powerful marketing tool. It’s this kind of creativity and attention to detail that sets Chris apart from the competition and makes him a top choice for businesses and organizations looking to make a bold statement.

Chris’s passion for design is only matched by his love for humor, which is why he always tells his clients, “Good design is no joke, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it!” Chris’s unique combination of wit and creativity make him the go-to design expert for businesses looking to create a lasting impression.